Residential Roofing

Does your roof adequately protect your home? Is it showing signs of age? Replacing your roof will increase the value of your home in addition to protecting its structure and contents. Plus it increases the curb appeal tremendously. We roof homes using a wide range of materials, including:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal roofs
  • Cedar shake
  • Flat roofs

We can help you choose the best material for your home.


Commercial Roofing

Protect your business. Nothing detracts from a commercial business success than roof leak stains and damage. Does your office or Apartment building have adequate roofing protection? Steve Hill Roofing Roofing installs and replaces commercial roofing. Our commercial roofing specialists install roofs for new construction buildings, existing roof tear-offs and replacements, and roofing repairs. You will not have to worry about any more leaks or further damage during a rain storm.


Seamless Gutter Service

It is important to protect your home’s exterior. Leaky and damaged rain gutters will cause the water to not be routed safely away from your home and can cause a variety of damage, including siding damage, facia rot, foundation settling, etc. The best way to safely route rainwater from your home is to use seamless rain gutters. These are created on site to the exact length required and eliminate additional seams that standard length gutters require.


Window Replacements

Are your windows looking old and outdated? Worse yet, do they let drafts into your home or office? Getting windows replaced is both affordable and a great return on your investment with increased property values. The bonus is many years of enjoying the beautiful change it brings to the room. Our process includes a comprehensive in-home consultation to assess your needs. We provide custom replacement windows that precisely fit your home’s old window openings. These windows are installed by experienced professionals.


Patio Covers

Ready to build a new home and need someone with the skills and vision to create your dream home? Just get with us and we can help you plan and design the home you have in mind. There are so many skills required to take a home from an idea to reality. Steve Hill Roofing and Construction has been building homes in Texas for over 30 years. Contact us today to get your dream home started.


Outgrowing your current home but don’t want to have to move? How about an addition. Stelve Hill Roofing and Construction can help you plan the best way to add more square feet to your home for that extra bedroom, game room, theater room, or whatever you have in mind.


New Home Construction

Ready to build a new home and need someone with the skills and vision to create your dream home? Just get with us and we can help you plan and design the home you have in mind. There are so many skills required to take a home from an idea to reality. Steve Hill Roofing and Construction has been building homes in Texas for over 30 years. Contact us today to get your dream home started.


best roofing companies in Fort Worth

Don’t let a leaky roof destroy the integrity of your home. Roof leaks can cause ugly yellow stains and even cause the ceiling to collapse, making a huge and costly mess. We specialize in all kinds of roof repairs and will handle all the removal of the old roofing material and replace it with all new materials. this will make your house water-tight again and keep out even the worst of weather.

Storm Damage Free Estimate Roofing Company Fort Worth TX

How do I know if I have roof damage?

Texas weather can do a number on your roof… and often, the damage isn’t visible from the street. So how do you know if you need your roof or gutters replaced or repaired?

Call Hill Roofing & Construction for a free evaluation. We have over 30 years experience in assessing the damage caused by Texas weather. If you need roof or gutter repair, advice about what kind of roof is best for you, or assistance with insurance claims, we’re here for you.

A roof is supposed to be the most unique and enticing element of your home, and as a matter of fact, it greatly affect its comprehensive appearance and style. All roof systems are generally provide solid care and protection to the home owners. There are many types of roofing styles and patterns that one can choose from. Even roofing systems can be tailored to meet certain specific homeowner’s needs. This is the reason homeowners select timeless and highly-durable roofing for their homes that can stand the pressure of time as well as environment.

Roofing systems are available in different styles, shapes, attention to detail and spectacular design patterns. People accentuate their home’s exterior with unique style with the best looking roofing systems. They can choose from the extensive collection of highly-engaging finishes, stunning profiles and renowned color options that move flawlessly and beautifully altogether to create a dialogue of your unique style.

Moreover, the final choice in roof style can influence the overall value of your building as well as renovation plans. Architects, roofing contractors and engineers or remodelers can advise you on the most suitable and cost-effective roofing systems, designs for your home and/or business. They make recommendations in accordance with your personal preferences, weather conditions, personal taste, aesthetic sense and budget.

While selecting the best suitable roofing options, homeowners define their needs and ascertain certain specific things including functionality and practicality. They select roofs that are commonly used by the neighboring people, defining exceptional elegance and completely weather resistant. Most of the people choose triangular shaped and sloped roofing systems in order allow snow, or debris to simply fall off the roof without damaging the structure of the roofing system. Different types of pitch and steep grades are also wisely considered for maximum protection. Hipped roofs, on the other hand, are also used commonly as it is immune to extreme weather conditions.

The following are some of the most popular roof styles:

Composition shingles – This is supposed to be the most popular roofing option for the people and provides a wide selection of types, brands as well as colors, matching the style needs of the people. They are relatively easy to install, maintenance free and the higher quality versions made from asphalt and fiberglass offer even more reliability and durability.

Metal – It is supposed to be the best possible options and is one of the most energy efficient, durable, and fire retardant roofs on the market today. It is well-known option that is easiest to maintain. Homeowners can enjoy lower energy costs as the metal reflects heat and eventually blocks its transfer to the attic region.
These exceptional roofing options are good for protection as well as add long term durability to the home.

If you have any roofing or construction questions, please visit our blog.

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